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​​​​​​​​​​​​North East Comedy Festival 



​         DATE: Sunday 29th July

​         ​DOORS: 7.15pm

         SHOWTIME: 7.30pm

        SHOW DURATION: 60 mins 

         AGE SUITABILITY: 16+

         TICKET PRICE: £5



George Zach - Ugly Babies Make Me Laugh

George is from Greece but lives and works as a stand up comedian in the North East of England. He has performed all over the world and appeared on BBC One several times as well as various radio interviews. We are excited to announce that he will be bringing his brand new show to Melbourne this coming festival.​

Did you ever look at a friend's baby and thought "Oh God. What an unfortunate looking human"? Did you say it outloud? Of course you didn't. But you did think it, didn't you? 
We all have such silly thoughts that pop up every now and then. Most people dismiss them and carry on with their lives.
George wrote his down.
Fresh from a very successful run at the Edinburgh Festival and back to Australia for the third year running, in 2017, George is going to answer some of life's big questions:

What kind of person will he be in a plane crash? 

How shit are pigeons?

Should he turn gay to spite his dad?

This is a show for anyone who ever said or thought something so stupid that simultaneously made them laugh and got them into trouble.

"Hilarious, Uplifting, Highly Recommended" - Whatsmyscene.com(AU)
"Huge laughs.. Zacharopoulos is clearly a very funny person"  - Broadway Baby (UK)
"His jokes are solid, his timing impecabble" - The List (UK)