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​​​​​​​​​​​​North East Comedy Festival 



​         DATE:  Saturday 29th July

​         ​  DOORS: 1.15pm

          SHOWTIME: 1.30pm 

         SHOW DURATION: 60mins 

         AGE SUITABILITY: 12+

         TICKET PRICE: £5 ​



Hal Branson - You Can Call Me Hal

Well this is going to be loads of fun, isn’t it? Is it? Yes it is. If it isn’t then that’s on you. An hour of what any normal person would call ‘mucking about’ but you and I know as FUN with a capital F, U and N.
FUN for all the family, apart from your Uncle Brian who’s not been the same since the accident.

Hal recently supported Dylan Moran, Sam Simmons and Carl Hutchinson on the Newcastle dates of their tours.

“An understated comedy gem” – The Huffington Post

“Hal Branson has natural affability in spades, and his self-referential storytelling is as heart-warming as his wordplay, hitting home with the audience throughout.”
- Gigglebeats