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​​​​​​​​​​​​North East Comedy Festival 



​         DATE:  Saturday 29th July

​         ​  DOORS: 4.15pm

          SHOWTIME: 4.30pm

         SHOW DURATION: 60 mins 

         AGE SUITABILITY: Family & Kids

          TICKET PRICE: £12 Adults £8 Kids      

          FAMILY TICKET: £30 (2 adults 2 kids or
          1 adult 3 Kids)


Head First in Association with Let's Circus Presents - Arr We There Yet?

From Award winning Australian Circus company Head First Acrobats, presented in a association with ‘Let’s Circus

Top flight circus theatre with amazing skills and riotous comedy, this piratical comedy will amaze and amuse.’

A riproaring and swashbuckling adventure in which three sailors hit the high seas in search of treasure! A scallywag pirate, a muscular sailor and a chef with a seafood allergy make for a hopeless crew, as they fight for the title of Captain aboard the ship. These acrobatic pirates turn ship-life upside down! Walking the plank becomes the high flying teeterboard, cooking for the crew involves juggling knives and steering the ship spinning upside down in the cyr wheel.