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North East Comedy Festival 
3rd-12th June 2016



​         DATE:    Sunday 5th June 

​         ​  DOORS: 12.15pm

          SHOWTIME: 12.30pm

         SHOW DURATION: 60 mins 

         AGE SUITABILITY: 4 -11 years

         TICKET PRICE: £3


​         N/A

         AFTER THE SHOW:  
         John Scott 
         Kids Comedy Workshop


Meg Harper - Don't Just Sit There!

Don't just sit there!  Well, you won't be able to! This is storytelling as you've never experienced it before.  All Meg Harper's unique, family-friendly stories involve the audience in one way or another. A successful children's author, youth theatre director, teacher and mother of four, Meg knows how to grab her young audience's attention and keep it. From crazy new spins on fairy tales to laugh-out-loud sagas of modern family life, Meg's stories will surprise and enthral or even gently spook.

Suitable for ages 4 - 11, this is a great family show - though really little ones might find it a bit noisy!

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