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North East Comedy Festival 
3rd-12th June 2016



​         DATE: Tuesday 7th June 

​         ​  DOORS: 6.45pm

          SHOWTIME: 7.00pm

         SHOW DURATION: 60 mins 

         AGE SUITABILITY: 16+

         TICKET PRICE: Free
            (With Voluntary Contribution)



         AFTER THE SHOW:  
         Phil Nichol


Sammy Dobson & Hal Branson - 30 Minutes Of One & Half An Hour Of The Other 

Hal Branson and Sammy Dobson present a preview of their upcoming Edinburgh Fringe show at Jesterval 2016. Hal is one third of sketch group Hot Gulp and one whole of himself. He's been working on taking his internal monologues external and you can come and hear them. Well, half an hour of them anyway. "An understated comedy gem" – The Huffington Post "Hal Branson has natural affability in spades, and his self-referential storytelling is as heart-warming as his wordplay, hitting home with the audience throughout." - Gigglebeats

Sammy Tinkerbell (no, really) Dobson is 29 years old and has awful initials. For a 29 year old woman she probably shouldn't have the extensive Lego collection she has or cry with delight at sea lions. But she does. She also hangs upside down naked sometimes because the Internet told her to. But please don't tell her Dad. "Shockingly funny... observational comedy Michael McIntyre couldn't possibly approach" -NARC Magazine. "Very nice young woman, left the flat neat and tidy" - AirBNB review. As heard on BBC Newcastle’s Jesting About.

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